What you are about to read contains fiction and is the 'Lore' For the Minecraft server 'Fallen Force'.

Lore of The Fallen Force


There was a time, a time of glory and of honour where grand factions and cities would flourish and would rise and fight for what was right and fight for the preservation of a world which was seemingly chiselled out of grace and magnificance.

But that time has passed and now factions rise up against one another and destroy anything in there paths.

But some factions still fight. Not for gold nor fame nor fear but for honour and glory. And within the realm of 'Asgard' is where these factions try to fight for the old ways. For the restoration of Asgard and the thwarting of evils such as strange unknown supreme powers that lurk the realm with unusual abilities.


There are many factions in the Fallen Realm , The Realm which holds all others. Some known permanent factions are:

Fallen - The Fallen of Averland. They still strive to protect and restore the Fallen realm.

Steve - He is said to be the great server host. The one who supports Fallen all the way.

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