Map Related Question To The CommunityEdit

Welcome :)

At the moment this is an urgent question needing answering, by You , The Community.

So our server has been up for a month maybe two by now. But it has been up Unofficially. And with not too many players which is why now is a good time to ask this question.

As previously said in-game , Some of you may not have got this. Economy and all money is going to be reset on official release of the server.

So we are here today stating that on the side we have been working on a Custom Generated Map. On this map we will have some awesome features such as;

  • Custom Trees (And they look GOOD!)
  • Custom biome sizes (Bigger then normal which is nice)
  • Custom landscapes (Some biomes like extreme hills are a bit nicer then normal)
  • We are going to build a large city there but it will be more naturally built into the terrain this time.

And for the other 'current' Survival world you already know what that features.

So here is the Question.

Do You want to make this new world (Asgard) the spawn and remove the old world.

Or do You want to make Asgard the spawn and have the old survival world still accessible?

Keeping in mind having the old one accessible will generate a tad more lag.

Coment below letting us know :)Edit