Living along the port of Averland , Old Man Whineburg lives a simple life of fishing and doing absolutely nothing. His old withered complexion scares the shit out of anyone who comes across him.

Old Man Whineburg has seen many years of death and destruction. He has seen his own family's heads cut off by an ender dragon, his three sons Jom, Jim and Jam disembowled by a spider riding skeleton and his entire world spiral into a dark abyss as The Great Non-Believer (JED) spread his cloud of darkness over Averland.

After serving in The Great War, Whineburg retired deep into the forests of time and lay there for 5 years until the great server was created. He then migrated to Averland where he lived the rest of his days as a humble fisherman and town guide.


Welcome To Averland!


Whineburg: Aaaah he he heeee, Well howdy there traveller! Welcome to Averland! If ye' be lookin' for a top notch town to cozy down this right here be the place for you! If you ever need some help, or work, come give me a holler!