Taken from "Translations of the Fallen Force": (Reads Genesis 1:1-3)


The Great Non-Believer (JED)

Genesis 1:1

In the beginning, gave us what we have now.

The great said "Let there be minecraft!", And there was minecraft.

He said "Let there be a competition for a minecraft server!", And there was a competition for

a minecraft server.

He said "Let the winner be F4LL3NF0RC3!" And so the winner of the great server was F4LL3NF0RC3.

Genesis 1:2

Among all people there are those who would oppose joy and happiness brought by such thi ngs as a minecraft server. One of those people was The Great Non-Believer, commonly reffered to as "JED".

Some say JED is an acronym for "Japanese Engineering Disorder" others say it is a great mayan secret word chanted to bring forth the end of the world. Some say JED is a mathematical equation for calculating the cause of cancer. Scientists have struggled for years trying to discover the meaning of "JED", but to us humble server folk, he is the great black shadow that looms above emitting a pessimistic cloud of hatred.

In the beginning when the server was created, JED opposed the servers very existence and disregarded any hope that it would become a reality. He would laugh at the very idea of it, but we showed him wrong.

Genesis 1:3

The great server was created and JED was shocked. The server had become a reality and the cloud of darkness was lifted as JED was destroyed. The server folk lived there lives in constant anxiety forever more as the possibility of JED returning shattered their spirits, yet they continued their humble lives on the server.